5 Best Places to Visit in 2023

1- Poland:

While we could highlight the recent opening of Hotel Verte, the new Autograph Collection property located in a grand Baroque palace in Warsaw, Poland, that’s not the reason why you should consider visiting the country in 2023. Rather, it’s an opportunity to stand in solidarity with a nation that has shown remarkable support to the people of Ukraine in their time of need.

As Poland shares a lengthy border with Ukraine, it has taken in more refugees from the country than any other nation. The country’s tourist numbers have also dropped significantly, although they are gradually increasing. This presents a complex situation for Poland, which is why traveling to the country in 2023 can make a positive impact.

Whether you want to explore the cities of Krakow, Gdansk, Wrocław, Poznań or stay away from the bustle in the forests, lakes and mountains of the countryside, hundreds of miles away from the Ukrainian border, you can do some good by planning a vacation in Poland. So come and discover this remarkable country while also making a positive difference.

2- Liverpool, England:

Liverpool, England, the renowned birthplace of The Beatles, is set to make headlines in the music industry once again. The city will host Eurovision 2023, a glamorous and melodic event that attracts thousands of fans from across Europe. This marks an exciting new chapter in Liverpool’s musical history and an opportunity to recover from the setback of losing its UNESCO World Heritage status in 2021.

In addition, Liverpool will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Liverpool Biennial contemporary visual arts festival from June to September. Over 30 artists and collectives from around the world will take part in this vibrant and exciting festival.

Furthermore, England is marking the Year of the Coast in 2023, and various food festivals and beach cleans will be held along the country’s shores. A mere half-hour train ride from Liverpool city center, Crosby Beach is home to “Another Place,” an art installation by sculptor Antony Gormley consisting of 100 cast-iron figures facing the sea. So come and explore Liverpool’s diverse and exciting offerings in 2023.

3- Fiji:

Fiji’s breathtaking turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and idyllic islands are a natural wonder. But why should you choose to visit Fiji in 2023? Well, for one, the country has only recently reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic, so it is an excellent time to experience the beauty of this South Pacific gem without the crowds.

While Fiji boasts stunning underwater landscapes, it is also worth exploring its terrestrial treasures. The charming town of Levuka, the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Fiji, was once a capital and a vital port. It is now dotted with colonial-era buildings and surrounded by coconut and mango trees.

To learn about the local Indigenous communities, visitors can participate in a kava welcoming ceremony, centered around the traditional drink, or enjoy a lovo, a meal cooked in an underground pit over hot coals and covered with banana leaves.

Fiji Airways now offers direct flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco, making it more accessible to get to the islands.

4- Thessaloniki, Greece:

Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki, has become a popular destination in recent years, thanks to its UNESCO-endorsed food scene, which has just celebrated the refurbishment and reopening of the century-old Modiano food market. With its beautiful waterfront and proximity to stunning beaches and inland mountains, Thessaloniki is undoubtedly one of Europe’s top city-break destinations.

But what if there was something that could make it even better? How about a brand-new metro system? If all goes well, in November 2023, the main line of a massive infrastructure project that will eventually connect the downtown area to the international airport will open. Passengers will be whisked away on driverless trains that will travel through tunnels, and many of the city’s archaeological finds will be on display in specially designed museum stations, adding to Thessaloniki’s already rich catalog of historical discoveries.

5- Bogotá, Colombia:

The Caribbean coast is a popular destination for those traveling to Colombia, with the Rosario archipelago and the UNESCO heritage city of Cartagena being some of the top spots. However, the country’s capital city of Bogotá is a hidden gem worth exploring.

Although it may be a chaotic and traffic-ridden urban sprawl, Bogotá is also a melting pot of culture and cuisine due to its high altitude location. Visitors can take tours to witness the city’s transition from a graffiti hotbed to a stunning street art gallery. The city’s diverse natural resources also provide an array of gastronomic options, from delicious peasant dishes to Michelin-level cuisine. And let’s not forget the coffee!

Beyond the city’s congestion (except on designated cycle-only days), visitors can venture out to explore historic and modern treasures on day trips. Itineraries can include a visit to Lake Guatavita, where conquistadors once plundered sunken gold offerings left by the indigenous Muisca people, or the awe-inspiring subterranean Zipaquirá salt cathedral.